✔ SWTOR Jedi Knight Sentinel PVP Gameplay @ 18 in Alderaan

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Streaminf TV This is my first gameplay / guide video for the dual-wielding Sentinel advanced class in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Sentinel is the mirror class for the Sith Warrior Marauder, so the material covered in this video is relevant to players of either class. This video provides detailed educational commentary on the core mechanic (Focus), PVP-related abilities, and analysis of match play in Alderaan. Errata / Comments: – I should have used Zen during the video for the buff effect. I will discuss the mechanics in my next Sentinel video To see me PVP’ing live, check out the streaming schedule on Twitch.tv. My stream features real-time narration and commentary – and to the extent possible interaction with the Chat Room. Cheers, Taugrim Twitter: @taugrim Stream: twitch.tv YouTube Channel: youtube.com Facebook: facebook.com GAMEBREAKER Host for The Republic show: www.gamebreaker.tv – Streaminf TV

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  1. leond87 says:

    As I see you play, I belive that this is a good PvP class to play, I was thinking a Guardian at first, or a Shadow… But it seems like Sentinel is the way to go?. Is there any site on the internet, that can help me out, coz I’m stuck in the middle and don’t know which class to choose to PvP spec..

  2. Vurchoous says:

    @SocratesTheGreat1313 2

  3. SocratesTheGreat1313 says:

    9 days left

  4. todei79 says:

    Anyone know if they’re going to make pvp level brackets? I see you’re level 18 in the same bg as a level 50. That’s ridiculous.

  5. Joeymtl says:

    Very well constructed and informative video. Thank you.

  6. mr4ev2il0 says:

    so the sith warrior and jedi knight are similar in a way to rogues in Wow.

  7. ANoobNamedScott says:

    @taugrimtaugrim Hey, I really enjoyed playing both the Riftblade, and Paragon classes in RIFT in PvP (melee/ranged viability, general durability, and great mobility with cc breakers). What class would you personally recommend in TOR that would have a similar feel / playstyle?

  8. MalikBarrow16 says:

    Called a juggernaut a marauder twice in that video. Otherwise good.

  9. BENandMATTHEW1 says:

    make more*

  10. BENandMATTHEW1 says:

    mke mrore videos plzzz (btw i think that you are the swifty of swtor xD….gz

  11. BENandMATTHEW1 says:

    you helped me thanks buddy :D

  12. Orksdagood123 says:

    @taugrimtaugrim Well compared to the old wow with no specific pvp stat, it ruined all the fun for me as everybody became the same, also gear became the same which utterly destroyed fun in wow

  13. taugrimtaugrim says:

    @Orksdagood123 Understood. My point is that Resilience itself has not been static. The implementation in Cata was totally fine IMO. The pre-Cata implementation made it too easy to heal in PVP

  14. Orksdagood123 says:

    @taugrimtaugrim I didnt need the resilience mechanics explanation :O but oh well, i still hope they dont make it shitty arcade like wow became.

  15. darowe says:

    Taugrim, how viable for PVP is the guardian spec with points spent towards the vigilance and/or force specs?

  16. taugrimtaugrim says:

    @Orksdagood123 Resilience in Cata works great, it’s just flat damage mitigation.

    Pre-Cata resilience was lame, it reduced chance to be Crit as well, which just destroyed the viability of Crit specs.

    And yes, SWTOR has a PVP stat, Expertise, which IIRC gives PVP mitigation and boosts PVP damage.

  17. Orksdagood123 says:

    i really really really hope they dont implement “resillience” mechanics like in wow. that shit ruined pvp fun

  18. taugrimtaugrim says:

    @d0n1mega I just posted my first Jedi Consular Shadow video, hopefully that will help you sort out what you’re going to roll.

    Sentinel and Shadow are fun classes, can’t really go wrong with either.

  19. Vurchoous says:

    You are a living breathing PVP strategy guide

  20. d0n1mega says:

    @taugrimtaugrim LOL… Man im so confused now.. I was gonna roll a jedi consular as my main, but now after watching your awesome video on the JK Sentinel i dont know what to do… O_o

  21. chaosengineer84 says:

    @chaosengineer84 played*

  22. chaosengineer84 says:

    @taugrimtaugrim i player as a Trooper Commando/healer spec tree and that worked out well too i healed a dungeon (not sure what they call them in swtor yet) and also healed in pvp worked out well with me tbh.

  23. Trommy says:

    @taugrimtaugrim Beta anyone? ofc it will not be that way in the actual game

  24. cptmorgans says:

    Really glad to see your doing SWTOR content. Found your Rift content excellent and so look forward to more of these. Thanks.

  25. taugrimtaugrim says:

    @RandomDub Smugglers / IA’s seem to have a lot of HoTs, which are good for mobile PVP. Although I haven’t tried a Scoundrel or Operative, that’s just what I’ve seen / heard.

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