Disney’s Halloween Treat Part 1 of 5

Live Streaming TV

Live Streaming TV Part 1 of this TV Special first aired in 1982. If you’re looking for the special with the Magic Mirror go here: www.youtube.com – Live Streaming TV

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  1. RockRebel219 says:

    I used to LOVE this cartoon special when I was little, and I’ve had an impossible time ever finding it again! Thank you SOOOO much for posting this–you seriously have no idea how nostalgic this is for me! :)

  2. wannabesedated00 says:

    wow….my childhood…. thanks for posting, havent seen this since i was oh i dont know maybe 6 years old

  3. ComicPhreak says:

    The new runners of The Disney Channel have no idea what they sacrificed.

  4. lockycharmzz says:

    thanks for the memories. i remember always looking out for this halloween special on tv when i was younger and would be terribly disappointed if i missed it. this halloween special and mickey’s a christmas carol are amongst my favorite things to watch around the holidays.

  5. MrRedgrin says:

    Ooooooohhhhhhh this takes me back. Thank you. Really. Thank you!

  6. 2danesandabroad says:

    @animebuff86 Fantasia

  7. Frizzurd says:

    hahah this is the video tape i had as a toddler… I am 28 now and I never forgot the dumb song

  8. cheapcape says:

    Old Disney is bomb!

  9. jwace says:

    Oh yes…I remember seeing this once…but afterwards they just kept showing A Disney Halloween and I kept saying….there is one with a Pumpkin talking….no one believed me.

  10. sparrow5469 says:

    i remember watching this every Halloween with my parents. As I got older I got mad when I missed it..now I just watch Simpsons Treehouse of Terrors and my own kids watch this.

  11. Weeds2Roses says:

    THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME REVISIT ONE OF MY FAVORITE CHILDHOOD MEMORIES. I watched this on VHS every Halloween when I was little!

  12. Orejo says:

    WOW!! Mickey Mouse keeps a shotgun in his bed, he´s so awesome

  13. Maskphan1 says:

    @ExplorerDS6789 I find it hilarious how Disney tries to make it look like it’s not Satan by changing the name. Even in the intro(at least on the 2010 Blu Ray), Deems Taylor refers to him as “Satan.” You can’t confirm someone’s name better than that!

  14. BeardedDragonOwl says:

    dude, Mad madam mim just bitch slapped Merlin.

  15. jordanmh4786 says:

    I remember watching this every halloween growing up. I wish they still had this on tv. Show the classics

  16. lasthavoc says:

    I miss the days back when my favorite cartoons carried shotguns. Seriously…screw Dora the Explorer and all you other politically correct unmemorable cartoons.

  17. lasthavoc says:

    I miss the days back when my favorite cartoons carried shotguns. Seriously…screw Dora the Explorer and all you other politically correct non-memorable cartoons.

  18. maleficentdiva says:

    the best witch is Maleficent! The pumpkin thinks Madame Mim is the best witch? OH PLEASE!! she is a snooze! The should have had Maleficent in this, where is she???? she is my favorite villain.

  19. supermandisco says:

    That was so funny when Mickey hit Pluto for some reason. Poor Pluto, he was just waking up.

  20. practicalmagic4 says:

    @DTVzone LOL hahaha


  21. DTVzone says:

    @animebuff86 Mickey’s Parrot (1938)

  22. animebuff86 says:

    Does anybody know the name of the cartoon of Mickey going down the stairs followed by his own shoes?

  23. Lumberjack1645 says:

    oh wow, i remember this from when i was way young…..brings back memories….so awesome!

  24. NintendoVeteran85 says:

    @sarahbp1101 me too :D madam mim got pwned lol XD

  25. sarahbp1101 says:

    Love it!! It’s amazing how quick the memories come flooding back watching this. Had this on tape, and watched it all the time!

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