Iphone Live TV Stream mit Dreambox

Live Streaming TV

Live Streaming TV mit Airvideo kann man über das 3G Netz streams von der Dreambox oder Filme wiedergeben – Live Streaming TV
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Live Streaming TV

Live Streaming TV This is a short tutorial on how to easily stream live with the Hauppauge HD PVR on Livestream. In order to do this, you’ll need Livestream Procaster, which you can download here: www.livestream.com Here is my Livestream channel: www.livestream.com If you have any questions, please comment! – Live Streaming TV
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  1. Faki25 says:

    wie verbindest du iphone mit den server? wenn ich mit den iphone den server suche, dann findet der iphone nur meinen compuer.

    Danke fuer die Hilfe!

  2. edhardy0084 says:

    wie machst du das das du auch die sky sender schauen kannst??? hab nur die standard sender wie rtl und pro7 usw.!!!

    wär prima wenn du mir did mal erklären könntest…


  3. B0RNfree says:

    Live tv or recorded from live tv???

  4. Bhfkenan says:

    @mithersan22 Jaa ;)

  5. mithersan22 says:

    geht das auch für i pod touch 3g 32gb

  6. useabit says:

    hallo, wie heisst das tool wo du dein up and downstream betrachten kannst?

  7. Playboymonster007 says:

    hi, danke für dein video, aber ich habe da noch eine frage, WIE HAST DU DEN SERVER (BEI DIR LiveTV) INSTALLIERT?? KÖNNTEST DU DAFÜR AUCH EIN VIDEO MACHEN?? DANKE SCHON MAL IM VORAUS!!

  8. bolekminusessende says:

    ja man sieht genau das gleiche wie auf dem iphone

  9. BalkanTurk says:

    hi, kannst du mit deinem TV kabel, 1zu1 von iphone beim tv sehen? sprich wen du im ^^ menu ^^ also deine apps siehst und rum ”blätterst” siehst du das auch auf dem tv? oder nur video und fotos?danke ciao

  10. ensorable says:

    There are tutorials in the web: Just search for “AirVideo Dreambox”! It’s really easy.

  11. TPKQ says:

    Hi, Kannst du uns zeigen was man machen muss ?? Bitte, wäre nett :-)

  12. kama408 says:

    hi bolik, you’re amazing! I’ve trying so many times to stream to my ipod/iphone using my dreambox 500s (Gemini image , i think :) I couldn’t do it!! any help?

  13. xangiexdx says:

    I’ve installed and re.installed this Procaster now 4 times.. as soon as I open the HD-PVR Software and go to Record, when the screen of my xbox comes up, the whole thing just crashes… It’s fine on it’s own but it’s not working with Procaster. Do I need some kind of plug-in or extra software?

  14. xxTDGPainxx says:

    @DJTwoSlick Just click the “Chat” tab in Procaster.

  15. DJTwoSlick says:

    hey how did you get the livestream chat on Procaster?

  16. managerzone123 says:

    what program did you have to do the intro??

  17. JenomDalsiLetsPlayer says:

    @zZJU1C3Zz same

  18. monkeyman999111 says:

    i cant livestream it keeps saying i have to open something

  19. zZJU1C3Zz says:

    my hd pvr is not even there for me to choose from why is that?

  20. FriggenGaming says:

    when i click go live i dont get the green bars!! what am i doing wrong?

  21. Operation115 says:

    @xxTDGPainxx k i just wanted to livesteam some stuff and i guess it was lagging for me eariler lol

  22. xxTDGPainxx says:

    @Operation115 If you’re doing commentary, then your voice will be about 1 second before your video, but it’s not that big of a deal.

  23. Operation115 says:

    so theres no audio lag? like if your recording your screen and then talking too as in a commentary would there be a lag? like they wouldnt hear it way after

  24. xxTDGPainxx says:

    @xl3ix It’s really not that hard to get verified. Just stream casually for a week or so, sharing the link to your channel with your friends, and you should get verified in no time.

  25. xl3ix says:

    i think you should have told you need to get verifyed!

  26. x2bZeRkx says:

    @xxTDGPainxx thanks i had everything u said already and i just checked then but my aspect ratio changed itself lol all good now tho thanks i wish i could get a good sync tho and with the verification thing do they always verify u coz im sure i will get more than 50 viewers coz if i make a quick vid telling my subs im streaming they will probs come so i need to be verified

  27. xxTDGPainxx says:

    @x2bZeRkx Yeah, unfortunately if you are commentating then it will be out of sync by a couple of seconds. There’s no way to avoid that.
    The preview window in Total Media Extreme shows those black lines on the sides by default, so adjust the green lines (on Procaster) to fit ONLY whats where there footage showing from your xbox. Also, in the video preferences in Procaster, make sure you have the aspect ratio set to 16:9 and “Crop Source to Match” checked.

  28. x2bZeRkx says:

    k dude this helped me out thanks but a few questions wen i talk it wont be in sync would it because the total media extrem is like 2 secs behind wat is actual on ur tv and how do i get rid of black lines i streamed and done things u did w2it green lines and black lines on sides wont go away if they do they show lines on top n bottom its retarded plz help

  29. SasukeUchiha2k says:

    why does it keep saying CPU above 80%? and how do i close apps which i barely have none open

  30. xMazzaaR says:

    @xxTDGPainxx ok thanks man

  31. xxTDGPainxx says:

    @xMazzaaR You’re not supposed to select your PVR in the list. It will crash the program. Just select “no camera” and it’ll automatically choose the screen capture function.

  32. xMazzaaR says:

    you no were it says pick a camera yh i cant find my pvr it just says no camera ?

  33. Onikageprods says:

    is it free all the software?

  34. ALWAYSGRAHAM says:

    @xxTDGPainxx Ok I have used the set up you show with the hauppauge and it works great thanks, my question is how can I get my sound for e.g game noise/ sound onto my livestream? If I cant directly use the hauppuage for the sound how can I get around it? Thanks

  35. xxTDGPainxx says:

    @ALWAYSGRAHAM I’m not sure what you mean. Try wording it differently.

  36. ALWAYSGRAHAM says:

    xxTDGPainxx the way you show the vid is great thanks for this I have a question I want to play the sound from matches etc how would I get around using this set up?

  37. Rleeson85 says:

    will this do the in game sound also? and how about my head set to talk? at the same time?

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