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Live Streaming TV

Live Streaming TV One Box, Two Digtal Tuners, Anywhere on your network. Transform any computer into a home entertainment system. Now you can Watch, Pause and Record multiple digital TV tuners from any computer on your home network. – Live Streaming TV
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Live Streaming TV

Live Streaming TV I Suck at Starcraft Live – Daily Ladder Stream – 20/05 – Part 2 — Recorded live on – – Live Streaming TV

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  1. lakohelpdesk says:

    I don’t understand the questions that you are asking? If you have a wireless router with a 4 port switch, you can have the HDHomerun connected so you can watch TV and have net access at the same time.

  2. wetdognose says:

    Question, how do you get internet/video from one wireless router at the same time….and if you’re using two routers how do you access both internet and hdtv simultaneously from one pc?

  3. Jean0987654321 says:

    @boydio meeehh, i’ll say neither. Try HAVA HD

  4. grumpyunderworl says:

    The Pacific is getting good. I just saw episode 3 at lastnightstvshows (.) com

  5. arjun474 says:

    does this work on consoles.. Xbox 360

  6. barbershoppegamer2 says:

    can this record from ps3 as well?

  7. brad7a0 says:

    Great video, thanks, I’m going to pick up an HDHomeRun now!

  8. bdxyzed says:

    May I suggest adding in your video title/description/tags the keyphrase “Stream TV over network”.

    I forgot the name of the product and took me a good half an hour of searching to find this product again.

  9. boydio says:

    Ok I thought the slingbox does inside and outside of your network. Also it apparently does paytv and free2air. I believe it reduces the hd to a max of 720p res or something.

  10. lakohelpdesk says:

    They are basically two different products. Think of the HDHomeRun as a virtual digital TV tuner on your network. Any of your PC’s on your network will see the tuner and then allow you to watch TV in full HD quality. The Slingbox is more for streaming purposes so you can watch digital TV from outside of your network but at reduced video quality.

  11. boydio says:

    Ok now the question is this:
    HDHomeRun Vs Slingbox Pro-HD.
    Which one is better?

  12. TranceDeuce says:

    Some bad breaks; but very fun to watch.

  13. LionelRaw says:

    @MrBennjjo TB is your back-up commentator…? who, may i ask, is your number one?

  14. LionelRaw says:

    what soppy bollocks are you listening to, TB? 18:45-ish

  15. Mercino311 says:

    but TB what if i need to make love to an ugly woman?

  16. MrIDespicable says:

    is it just me or im just seeing 2 penises on the map at 31:46

  17. sirsymbro says:

    @LlameStarcraft LOL I cant stand the freaking noobs that use “alot” and “dose”… two very simple words that shouldnt be typed.

  18. LlameStarcraft says:

    @sirsymbro Grammar police, yikes!

  19. BOB10011001 says:


  20. nateyj11 says:

    What if I do know the origin of every swear?

  21. briandirkover says:

    @sirsymbro what ever miss-type fuck you

  22. WoofDaLock says:

    lol “unless you know the origin of every god damn swear word then SHUT THE FUCK UP about swearing” that made my day

  23. eeg10 says:

    @sirsymbro I know, when did I say he didn’t lol. Thats why i love watching his stream.

  24. Mydredc says:

    LOL did TB actually cut out the part where he raged? Seems like it

  25. sirsymbro says:

    @eeg10 he has gotten tons better…

  26. sirsymbro says:

    @briandirkover “does”

  27. eeg10 says:

    lol, even though im in masters, I still enjoy watching TB because he is entertaining and it makes me reminisce of my gold days. Don’t stop playing SC TB :D!

  28. briandirkover says:

    dose anyone else have the problem of ether having low gas or low money swiching every game?

  29. wolfslayer501 says:

    You know, if TB never does fast BC if the other guy knows who he is and goes marine tank instead, couldn’t the other guy just go fast BC himself and beat TB with his own strategy?

  30. Scyphos says:

    “You can’t stop here, this is bat country!”

  31. MrBennjjo says:

    that was fucking magnificent

  32. MrBennjjo says:

    wow I loved TB in this, usually I watch him as my sort of ‘backup Youtube commentator’ but in this he was fucking magnificent.

  33. shadoonv6 says:

    TvT IS like making love to a beautiful woman.

  34. MLGExileJames says:

    @xsnake666 as long as you have a unit near one, it increases your line of sight in the area alot.

  35. xsnake666 says:

    what do you use the xel’naga towers for?

  36. McBlemmen says:

    i dont get why i NEVER see people that play on big maps like this , expand on the other side of the map , people never scout there so you could have 10 bases without your enemy knowing

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