Saregamapa L’il Champs 2011 July 09 ’11 – Azmat Hussain

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  1. ahmadlove007 says:

    Azmat i really love you and your the best…….. ostad jiiiiiiiii ………..

  2. xaifffan91 says:

    zee tv waalon trp king hai Azmat…

  3. patelroja1 says:

    hurryyy my azmat iz backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
    ur rightt rkperwesh.. us din to mai royi thi. bahutt dukh huyi thi

  4. patelroja1 says:

    hurryyy my azmat iz backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  5. JakJo says:

    @jabdulazim Thanks! :D

  6. jabdulazim says:

    He sang “Surili Ankhyon Wale” from film Veer

  7. jabdulazim says:

    He sang “Surili Ankhyon Wale” from film Veer

  8. khankasim1 says:

    Azmat is so cute yar

  9. khankasim1 says:

    very nice songs

  10. JakJo says:

    @crimson1008 what was the name of the song he sang today!?

  11. crimson1008 says:

    New York…

    Azmat, your songs are very nice. Today’s song July 30th. is very nice. Javid master, please take good care of this little flower.. make sure he is fully devoted to his song.. We love his song, his voice his harikate… God bless him with long life, and bless us with his jewels of songs..

  12. rkperwesh says:

    I don’t like watch a L’il champs after Azmath want out ,,,,,,,,,,,, but i m gled he is come back thanx to saregamapa to bring him back ,,,, now i like to watch all the times ,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  13. devolpers says:

    Azmat Husain
    I love u. U r so sweet . U r so innocent.
    U R Voice is Amaizing. Go Ahead Best of Luck.
    I LOVE U Dear Azmat Husain.
    From Pakistan

  14. rayshilpi5 says:

    azzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzmat , saare duniya ke music lovers ke muh me aaj ek hi naam hai…… azzzzmat ! tum “guru” ho bachhey !!!

  15. hshrivasta says:

    He deserves to be there.. Such a foolish decision of eliminating Azmat..
    You rock Azmat.. we love you.. such a talented singer.. He is a Nusrat saab in making..plz bring him back..

  16. hshrivasta says:

    He deserves to be there.. Such a foolish decision of eliminating Azmat..
    love you kid.. you rock.. such a talented singer.. I can say he is a Nusrat saab in making.

  17. angadh4u says:

    watch out for this maestro in making guys….i waiting…

  18. moulee01 says:

    I totally agree with Guru Kailash and Guru Adnan…..

  19. moulee01 says:

    Azmat is so cute and so much talented. His voice make me so much happy. he has an extraordinary voice from this age. Definitely he deserve one of the finalist. Please all voters vote for Azmat and Salman also. Both of them equally deserved the tile.

  20. dptmn says:

    … a real wonder boy….

  21. abbasi2731981 says:

    bring azmat back

  22. aanam2k says:

    Azmat ke liye little champ dekhna shuru keya aru o jane ke baad dekhna choor deya tha, USA se meri ek bahan mujko inform keya k Azmat is back wow dekha hayran hogaya pure dunia may azmat ko caroro log dekhraha hay

  23. aanam2k says:

    Azmat tum aasal may mirch ho. i m sure ekdi hum dekhe aur na dekhe tum ko khuda ne zinda rakkhe to tum hoge bharat k mahan kalakaar…loog tumhe salam karenge . aur may to tumhe aab se hi salam karne laga hoon …….may aallah blaze you mere chota sa jaan…..
    enam us shakur,comilla ,bangladesh,

  24. mj5abi says:

    @pioneer722 Now he’s back!!! :D

  25. praveenkumar11 says:

    he is amazing……

  26. darkl0rd33 says:


    Do you know what the word “exclusive” means. At least playstation is good enough to have exclusives.

  27. bmdshred77 says:

    Of course you say Sony. You losers are fanboys. Neither of you know games. Microsoft owns everyone at the moment. Like it or not. No one I know plays ps3 or wii on regular basis. 360 is where the community is at. Your bias makes your show not worthy. Which is why your views are always low. Sorry cromar is only good tgn. Where is Uncharted or Mario for 360 you fucking faggots.

  28. Anthony77769 says:

    Has everyone forget about Valve what the hell have they been doing? The madesome of the best games made, and now there not doing shiz

  29. DPeaceful says:

    Diablo III better come at out soon, cause who doesn’t want play it……

  30. DPeaceful says:

    What about ————> ?/?/?
    Metal Gear Rising,Rage, Devils Third, and Deus Ex Human Evolution, and Ninja Gained 3

  31. schooler222 says:


  32. schooler222 says:

    @kuwashi aint nobody butthurt im jus sayin, it is gimmicky but will sell so many units and make more money than you can in your lifetime so its gg for you good sir

  33. kuwashi says:

    @schooler222 oh look a butthurt ninty kiddo. wii u is a gimmicky piece of shit. have a nice day

  34. TheBrandonBowers says:

    Yeah right! Xbox Owns!

  35. schooler222 says:

    mass effect sux, battlefield is multi-plat. nintendo wins with their exclusives and announcing a new console. too little too late? seriously. graphics noob, graphics dont make the game the gameplay does and with wii u’s new controller brings new ideas and innovative things that developers can do. i don’t even care if its HD or not as long as its fun. .Sony didn’t do bad though, that new tv looks awsome and uncharted, bioshock, bf3, mw3, and batman im gonna definitely get. But wiiU will be great

  36. Rphughes0902 says:

    I’m a True Hero.

  37. killkenyon says:

    good work. definitely more entertaining that Microsoft’s conference. so excited for dark souls! Rurikhan is a boss! :D

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