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  1. JustaDJ100 says:

    watch?v=cmZk0F6iCKw <== Moehahah

  2. MsDayinnight says:

    26:00 :D

  3. endioanime4life says:

    2:10-2:16 marijuanna sign in plain sight lol

  4. La R.U.E says:

    Venez visiter ma chaine svp !! on est des jeune rappeur et aimer se commentaire pour être au top commentaire

  5. callmeDimes says:

    0:37 what was she doing…flossing her teeth

  6. aneesh2k71 says:

    0.27 best ……

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  10. niamh2739 says:

    Thats because they are innocent helpless defenceless creatures yet to be screwed up by the world, they need our protection, and besides they are so dam cute 

  11. jessicajonas14 says:

    i love you but i dont love you all the time


  12. jessicajonas14 says:

    1:26 soooo cute

  13. VictoriaJustice10100 says:

    0:27 made me laugh…ALOT…I woke my parents up by laughing that loud..

  14. mel avila says:

    wow carlie bit my finger

  15. nobmb says:


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  17. misshannahmiss says:

    yes they are haha

  18. TheDesteny408 says:

    Sniff sniff im going to cry

  19. branca11642 says:

    sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny and cute

  20. keystar62 says:

    What I want to know is how does she breast feed 4 babies at once?..)::):)

  21. Taylor Chitty says:

    this is so CUTE i LOVE this

  22. Bob Bobby says:

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  23. nicknick716 says:

    Funny stuff man

  24. nicknick716 says:

    Funny stuff

  25. Cracked631 says:

    It’s not supersmash bros melee, try to think a little before you attack !

  26. Cracked631 says:

    Everyone wants to read the kakashi’s books he always read, actually jiraya’s books

  27. oORoxas13Oo says:

    this is generations???? SO SHORT???? THIS GAME IS A SHAME FOR NARUTO!

  28. crazyoscar123 says:


  29. OreoDeluxe says:

    its me elovated! lol

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